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We have prepared a guided tour of some of the key aspects of Qsys Connect. We have broken down typical "Areas of Need" in any given commercial growing environment and provided a navigation tool to help you explore those aspects that are of interest to your individual needs.

Please take a walk through the work flow diagram by clicking on the left hand or right hand titles. The left hand Titles (Production, Availability.. etc) gives an overview of how Qsys interacs with such processes whilst the right hand titles (Estimate, Forecast .. etc) reveals more a detailed view of the process segment.

ledger SIMPLEX was born of a requirement for specialised stock management and buying procedures, complex certification process and an overall requirement for a totally integrated solution incorporating a total accounting solution. Since none of the off-the-shelf packages could approximate the requirements, we decided to build our own solution. The process began back in 2000. Nine years on, we released our software on a commercial basis.

We have developed the software with a number of Partners in Horticulture, Retail, Warehousing and Production. Management. Here is a brief list of some of our customers:

  • Wyeplants , Lincoln – Suppliers to Major Retailers – Full Bespoke Nursery Management System
  • Heathwoods, Shropshire – Suppliers of Trees and Shrubs – Full Nursery Management with Pocket PC
  • Premier Plants, Northern Ireland – Full Nursery Management
  • Forestart, Shropshire – Forestry Supplier – Forestry Management – with Seed Industrial Management
  • JFH Huchins, Cheshire - Horticultural Supplies – Complete management System
  • Welfix, Shropshire – DIY Hardware Supplies – Retail and Trade – EPOS etc
  • Peppers Fashion – High Class Fashion Shop – EPOS sales and Stock Control