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Mobile Data Collection Services

As part of our rolling upgrade program we have re-branded our mobile data collection services in line with the new functionality now on offer. The new functionality provides direct real-time access to the data on your server or desktop and the functionality provides real-time update services from your chosen Android mobile device.

Qsys Air Connect is now available to all users of Qsys Connect. Air Connect is supplied in two parts:

1) Qsys AX - Qsys Air Connect Server

Qsys AX is actually available in various versions which mainly relate to capacity thus if you have a single user version of Qsys Connect (Or The new Qsys DX versions) you may purchase Qsys AX as a goods in & stock take only server for up to 5 Android Users, while Qsys Connect Pro (Qsys DX Pro) users will have the option to support up to 25 Android Users along with a retail trolley service if required. Qsys AX starts @ £800.00

2) Qsys Air Connect for Android

Qsys Air Connect provides a number of standard App's to assist in the collection of data "out in the field" as it were. Using either an enhance WIFI service to cover the entire nursery or making use of a reasonable data service over the mobile phone network (4G/3G/2G(GPRS)).

Retail Trolley

Stock Take & Grade

Goods Inward

The above 3 basic services are provided with each Qsys Air Connect standard licence. Other services are available and even totally bespoke services can be written for your individual business requirements.

Since the amount of data we actually pass between the mobile device and the server is in fact quite small then a simple data connection as low as 2G will in fact work with reasonable results. (1 Bar of 2G probably pushing ones luck to be fair)

Qsys Air Connect will run on most current Android Mobile devices however integrated bar code reading services are limited to recommended devices (Motorola/Symbol/Zebra TC Range of devices) + Qsys M3 Mobile Device.

Minimum data services required:

Basic Controls

Welcome to Qsys Air Connect.
Qsys Air Connect Provides remote processing of data for Qsys production and sales management.

Main menu controls:



Initial screen:

To control the device and the visibility of Apps we need to access settings and unlock the device.

Press "Device Locked"

Press Ok

Now swipe the toggle for "Device Locked" This will unlock the controls and adds additional tabs that provide access to the control screens.

Turn on all the switches for the preferences.

By sliding any or all of the now visible preference switches to the on, the corresponding Apps Tabs will now be displayed at top

Retail Trolley

Goods Inward

Stock Take

So if you wish to use the scanner as a "Tesco Style" self-check-out trolley you can switch on just the Retail Trolley and lock out the rest of the functionality .. Like So:

Switch off all but the "Show Retail Trolley"

Then Lock the device:

Now the user only has access to the App you wish them to use.