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Getting your sales pitch over to your customers is vitally important. Quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of hassle is, of course, desirable. Qsys Connect provides direct marketing services in the form of a traditional CRM or Customer Relations Module. The ability to simply categorise your client base will help you target your availability lists to the right people and at the right prices. A drop down in the "Business Group Filter" will ensure the clients you want to select are added to the correct email run. Clients can of course sit in any or all of the business groups you create, and you can select more than one group at a time. Duplicates are automatically disposed of during the selection process so it does not matter if your client appears in multiple groups.

This proposed list of clients to be emailed are presented and even at this point you can reject any of the proposed clients.

A fully customisable email can be created and/or you may use templates offering common messages and deals while including the attachment for this week's AV List.
If you use Qsys Web Connect you may simply embed a web URL to the current AVlist.xls or PDF thus speeding up transition time removes the Attachment Size barrier put up by some clients ISP.