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Epos (Electronic Point of Sale)

Many of our commercial growers operate a cash and carry service for Landscapers or a factory/nursery shop for the general public. A standard Sales Order Process is far too cumbersome to handle simple cash sales.

For this reason Qsys Connect offers a till and cash processing system (EPOS) which also handles trade account sales plus various client services such as loyalty schemes and promotions.

Ideally suited for repetitive cash sales complete with barcode scanning, stock find and huge pre-set button facility for minor items like beverages or for bulk items like stone & gravel etc.

Qsys Connect EPOS is great for garden centres, nurseries or even a café. Qsys Connect even processes credit cards for your clients.

Qsys Air Connect - Retail Trolley

A Simple to use Tesco Style self-check-out service or Epos Que Buster

Users simply scan items as they pick up items around the nursery. In this demo we shall use the "Batch Identity" of a plant or product so that any number of plants around the nursery can be sold at differing prices from differing locations if required. (Prices can be varied per batch reflecting the quality and size of a similar product).

User simply presses the scan button on the screen:

The unit will look up the product and register it as in the users "Trolley". To keep things simple, particularly when it comes to removing an item multiple items are scanned repeatedly as you would in Tesco. Now let's be honest, Tesco would have thought this through and in the interest of simplicity for simple or untrained users, this is the correct way to go.

So Let's imagine the user decided that the £490.00 item was outside the users pocket. The user is required to simply press the "Remove Item From Trolley"

The user is now prompted to scan the item to be removed. This removes any onus on the user to navigate select and delete. The same principle is adopted as per the Tesco model. Once the user scans the item that does exist in the Trolley, the unit prompts the user to remove the item from their trolley.

So now the item is no longer on the unit.

If the user scans again and the item is not in the trolley the unit responds as follows:

The unit will still be waiting to remove an item until the user stops the service as directed

The service is completed when the unit use used to scan a special prepared "Trolley Complete". This will transfer the trolley to the specified epos or invoicing service.

Should we need to "Empty" or abandon the trolley completely then we can do this here under settings.

Of course you day clients will not be able to do this as they won't have access to this.