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One of the key tasks and the most time consuming part of the year can be producing production estimates and tracking volumes of pots on the nursery and creating work plans such that you are in fact able to physically pot and deal with the volumes you require to meet your sales revenue targets. Simply deciding on what pot sizes to sell of any given plant variety can be daunting enough, but providing a comprehensive overview of your production needs can be all consuming and lead to poor cash flow and loss of sales if you get it wrong.

Qsys Connect will address these issues and more: Friendly, easy to use wizards will guide you through your planning process so that you can quickly build an overview of what you will need and when you will need it.

Here in our tour we show a simple one stage growing-on process calculating the week you need to buy in a cutting or seedling for direct potting to achieve your target of saleable finished product by week 8. Approx. 782 plants are needed to reach your target of 720 saleable potted plants at a yield of 92%. Any number of stages & yields and time lines can be defined, depending on your production methods. This is just a simple one stage example. If we want to begin selling this size of product at week 8 and it will take 14 weeks at that time of year, then we need to purchase and pot by week 46 in the previous year. All you do is select the week & the number of weeks to grow, then week 46 is calculated automatically by the wizard.
Below we have a simple at a glance view of any number of planned production runs for the selected species. Here we have both 9cm and 13cm pots planned as saleable in week 8 and week 11 respectively.

Here we see an overview of some estimates. From this view we begin to see clearly the volumes of cuttings or seedlings we will need for each finished product, summarised by species.

The above can easily be filtered by chosen supplier to provide a purchase order to your cutting or liner supplier along with your required delivery weeks. Along the top line you will see the total number of plants to be potted up in any given week. Thus you can at a glance see where the bottleneck will occur and make subtle changes to your planning to avoid such issues as best you can. As you have no need to let your supplier know what size pottings or batches you will be creating, you can easily squash down the plan to its bare minimum of plant numbers required, as shown below, where on the left, 16 = 2016 and week numbers run across the top of the grid.

For a nursery commitment view we can squash or summarise the data further to any shape or size you might need, such as pot size analysis or nursery space analysis etc. Any of these analysis views can be achieved here.

All views can be printed out or saved as spreadsheets to create working schedules etc. Of course similar grids can be printed to show planned saleable product by week number.