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Qsys cannot forecast the weather. However, using Qsys Connect, you can at least maintain overall control of your anticipated availability. No matter if you are a one process or a multiple process grower, there is nothing better than having at least an overview of when things should happen. Thus, in a complex growing cycle where you may need to take cuttings, propagate, repot and finish, those timelines can be set in the wizards and then used to create appropriate worksheets throughout the year. This simple view shows a snapshot of planned saleable finished product for weeks 8 through 14, broken down by pot size and variety.

Just as easily we can show when cuttings are due, plugging up & potting dates - all from your original estimates. Of course, labelling at each stage is built into the process so if simple generic labels are required at the potting stage, then right-click over the product or selected product and it will do the trick.