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Creating labels has always been "a bit of a faff" . Qsys Connect is very different from the competition, no exporting, no messing about with third party programs and drivers. On demand labelling is now a key feature throughout Qsys Connect and what's more, you can choose the point at which the labelling process suits your business. For example you may need tray labels or bench end labels to enable fast identification of a crop at any point in the production cycle. The labels you require could be created from the estimate process, or from the purchase order process, or at the point of receipt into the nursery potting zone.

Here we are only talking about the production stages but rest assured you can label product for your customers prior to dispatch complete with their own bar codes, logos and prices if you so wish. The Qsys Connect labelling suit can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be - of course everything has its price but to survive in today's "Added Value" market place, keeping ahead of your competition with custom labelling solutions may be a better road to sales than selling your products on price alone.

A) Example of inline process labelling

1) Select the estimates you wish to create labels for then right click

2) Job done

B) Example of ADHOC labelling

1) Select

2) Add Selected

3) Set Price & Quantity

4) Choose label style & Build

5) Job done.