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Collecting data about your stock from around the nursery has become an affordable affair thanks to Android (Google). Left to Microsoft, such devices to collect data would still cost almost £2000. From the sublime to the ridiculous - there are Android devices now available from £45 (though not waterproof or ruggedized or with a scanner) through to sensible IP65 rated solutions from around £500 upwards.

Simple, fast and efficient Android Apps provide the means to quickly generate lists of products ready for sale recording the state, quality, quantity & time line of availability if you so need. At its very bare bones - scan - available - flowering are typically the type of data any simple nursery may need to record. This type of data capture can easily amount to 4 batches of product per minute (if not more), Location of the finished product is automatically recorded using GPS technology.

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Manual Location Selector

If there is no data connection to the office via Wi-Fi or 4/3/2G or GPRS then the data can be captured as a batch and downloaded back at the office. "Update Cloud Server" does the job.