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Qsys Connect provides various levels of bespoke labelling for pots, trays, trees and other products. Whether you require simple waterproof mono pot labels to provide a name and description of a plant, or full colour labels with bench end posters & promotional material, Qsys Label Connect will deliver it all. Each finished product can have a label type defined so that even if you sell a mixture of perennials and shrubs, you can confidently print everything you need for an order from one button.

What about the re-print nightmare?

We know that some labelling solutions on the market are limited in performance, particularly if you just need a re-print of one or two labels due to damage or loss. Qsys connect will preview the labels you are about to print, but here is the nice bit, every label is treated as a page so if you need "label number 13" again then you print only page 13 , just like you would in Word or Excel. Qsys Label Connect does not stop there. If you need a range of labels and quantities then that is just as easily achieved, as you would select page numbers to print in a Word document. There are other more sophisticated re-print methods available which handle changes in orders lines and order quantities.

Just highlight the label you wish to re-print and you are good to go.

Pot or tie labels - up to you

Not happy with the layout?
Qsys Connect allows you full access to the design surface so you may adapt or adjust the labels just the way you want them.