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"Qsys Connect - Production" is made up of a series of interconnected software modules for both Desktop PC and Android Mobile devises that will address all types of commercial growing needs. From primary propagation through to finished product sales, Qsys connect will address all stages with easy to follow process control stages aided by data collection on Android Mobile. Qsys Connect will ease tiresome spreadsheets entries and contribute towards your day to day decision making by helping you see clearly and concisely where you are at every stage. Due to the modular nature of the software, it is possible to select just the parts of the software that are applicable to you needs thus keeping training and investment focussed on your needs and not the needs of the software.

What is Qsys Connect?

Browse through each topic in blue along the data flow navigation line on the left to see how we breakdown a "Typical" commercial growing environment into its basic needs and follow through some small screen shots to get a feel for how Qsys could work for you. Videos are available as an additional guide and will show the software working and handling day to day operations.

Main Features: