Qsys Goods Inward

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Having estimated your production requirements, wouldn't it be nice to connect your estimates to a purchasing process? Qsys Connect does exactly that, making life so much simpler than ever before, by removing the need to enter up another spreadsheet for your supplier, or any other document.

Qsys Connect will create a purchase order for you by using the production estimates you have highlighted. A simple right click of the mouse, and a wizard will guide you through the process. For each item in your estimate, Qsys Connect can also manage the required delivery dates for each and every line within the purchase order that it creates.

Each line, although the same item, gets a different due goods inward date to coincide with the planned potting week.

And as everything is Qsys Connected, naturally the labels required for the potting up process are created at the same time as the purchase order and can be printed at any time to suit your needs.