Qsys Dispatch Scheduler

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Once things get busy in the nursery, the last thing you need is to worry about which order goes out when. But in handling such important service, it is important to be correct, fast and intuitive. From the image below you get a quick overview of a busy nursery with multiple vehicles or carriers clearly defined. The Scheduler works just like Outlook so most users will already be familiar with the drag-and-drop facilities common to Outlook. Qsys Connect Scheduler is available in desktop format but can also be made available as a standalone service for wall mounted larger screens which offers employee wide viewing.

The scheduling process could not be easier - simply drag the order you wish to schedule from the list on the left onto the vehicle you wish to use for the dispatch.

By dragging the RHS order onto the first vehicle we see the connection being made between the order and the scheduler. From now on the order is connected to the schedule.

The advantages of seeing an overview of each day’s commitments are simple and clear for everyone to use and understand. There are additional tools connected to the Scheduler to help streamline your picking and dispatch process, should you need to.

Each order can be managed from the point of view of keeping a track on its status though to finalising the invoice with picking adjustments. Right-clicking over any scheduled order will connect you to services relative to the order.