Qsys Infinity Nursery Grower Solution

Fully integrated production management & sales process control with inline product labelling.

Qsys Infinity’s Nursery Grower Solution is a package deal that incorporates all the basics needed by a nursery that grows to sell on where sales are made either through its own retail outlet or through other small retailers and garden centres.

Qsys Infinity offers production planning for those who wish to create a sensible annual growing plan along with the marketing tools to get those plants into your target retailers. It provides the means to label the products to suit your clients’ needs including bespoke layouts for every customer or simple “house” labels for those who just want prices & descriptions.

The package includes some 20,000+ varieties of plants, shrubs and trees built into the standard plant library which you can use to plan your production and create product labels. As your business grows there is a simple upgrade path to make your system grow to a multi-user system.


Optional upgrades

  • Cloud services/Web Site Integration
  • Mobile data services for Android Nursery Assist etc.
  • Point of sale terminals/Tills
  • Bespoke software



Includes free* in house training for up to 3 pre nominated persons
On Site Training options are available.



Annual support & upgrade subscription included in the first 12 months. Annual contracts start at £800 per yr. Optional hardware/infrastructure support may be added.


*Subject to fair use policy and to be agreed and arranged in advance


Module Picker

The table below gives a breakdown of what is in each package, you can use the "?" buttons for further insight to each module and use the checkboxes to make a list of what you think you need. If you want to submit a request for pricing for what you have picked out, click the "Request Pricing" button underneath and fill out the rest of the form.