David Lodge – Bridge Nursery Essex:

For many years almost every aspect of running Bridge Nursery has been dependent on an increasingly complex series of databases, spreadsheets and third party labelling programs. After many years of unsuccessful hunting for a professional solution that could accomodate our needs, I came across Qsys which seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. Over the past four years we have engaged Qsys in providing bespoke tools to accommodate areas specific to us. I can recommend Qsys Infinity as an excellent choice and we have not looked back since. I have always been impressed with the level of support only being a phone call away.

Heavy duty multi user site with syncronised web services and mobile data capture user.

Irene Gwilliam – Heathwood Nurseries:

We have maintained a working relationship with Qsys for over 19 years now. Having lived through many incarnations of the product from dos to windows etc, and we have always found Qsys to be professional and supportive in their approach to our individual needs.

Light duty multiuser with multipurpose accounting supporting a multipurpose business.

John Marsden – Bernhard’s Nurseries:

We have now been using Qsys for the past 3 years and were particularly impressed with the changeover from our outgoing solution to the integrated Qsys Infinity approach. All our data was transferred whilst maintaining common codes and methods but streamlining the whole approach to growing and selling on. We no longer waste labels for the sake of small quantities and we have integration between our availability lists and our website. We continue to adopt each module of Qsys Infinity and look forward to further efficiencies as they come along.

Medium duty multiuser with additional remote sales sites, integrated Web Site and mobile data capture.

Alan Porter – Porters Fuschias & Happy Plants:

Having invested heavily in Qsys Infinity, we now find ourselves concentrating on our customer needs rather than our business process. Having used the Epson C7500 this season, we have raised the quality of our customer specific labelling to include full colour logos and we are astounded by the simplicity of Qsys integration and the speed of the C7500 printer. As a result of adopting Qsys; our sales, order processing, product labelling, dispatch management & load planning has become one clean, integrated process.


Gerard Hutchins – J F H Horticultrural Supplies:

We have been using Qsys Infinity CRM, Sales Order Process, Stock Control and Accounts for over 9 years now. It is the backbone of our business and has enabled us to expand and manage our operation which we struggled to achieve prior to our significant investment in the Qsys solution.

A heavy duty multiuser with mobile stock control. A warehouse solution with integrated web sales.